Larga Vida Rum Larga Vida Rum

The Larga Vida Manifesto

Back in the day Rum was considered a remedy—a universal life hack making Man’s hardships a bit more bearable. Today too, Man suffers and the essence of life is still bittersweet. And you know what else is bittersweet? Proper, aged, smooth-as-f**k RUM! Its silky texture reminds us of time, and its complex sweetness with bolts of bitterness reminds us of... well, LIFE. And by accepting it as it is, we suffer no more.

Larga Vida XO Rum is a concoction patiently aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 15 and up to 23 years and later finished in a myriad of Wine casks. It’s a marriage of 9 distinct Rums from 9 specific Rum-making countries.

Larga Vida y Prosperidad!

The making of Vida

Rum is often labeled as a cheap Spirit for mixing and cooking, but sophisticated and carefully crafted sipping Rum can actually be a perfect gateway to the exciting World of fine Spirits. Here’s the story of how this complex, balanced, and yet unique aged Rum came to be.

The Rum Origins

The Rum Origins

Rums from different places carry a unique character. We carefully handpicked a selection of Rums that not only complement each other but also elevate the final product. No Rum sticks out in the blend, but the unique character of each individual Rum is still there to be re-discovered again and again. To achieve this, we meticulously selected high-quality Rums from 9 great Rum nations: Barbados, Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Mauritius, Panama and Trinidad. This is the Tropics united.

Diversity of Finishing

The Finishing Affair

Aging and finishing are all about luring out the precious flavors captured within the wood. Wood is extremely important. You need quality wood, and in different styles, so that you have more options later in the process. We put Larga Vida on a journey through the woodlands of different casks and barrels—new and old, toasted and charred, and ex-Wine. This Rum has touched them all. Now you be the judge if our tropical adventure—bravery if you will—paid off.

Blended to Perfection

Blended to be Married

Let’s keep it real. We could say Larga Vida is just another sourced Rum. But that wouldn’t be fair. It’s been more than 3 years in the making and we had total control over the process. It’s a privilege to be able to source Rums directly from the makers, to separately finish the expressions, to blend them and marry them, so that the flavors can integrate, harmonize and fully develop. The result is more than the sum of its parts - more complex, balanced and rounded. Two Cherries on top? If you know your way around Rum, you may recognize some Foursquare Rum that went into this blend. And the stopper... Well, we’re pretty sure our speedboat will make everyone's inner Sonny Crockett proud Emoji.

Grisa Soba, Flaviar co-founder and maker of Larga Vida

Vida Moments

Life is like a speedboat trip through stormy waters. And while you never know what lies beyond the horizon, you should still enjoy the wind in your hair. Sure, you’re gonna hit some waves, but you’re also here to make some, right?! Larga Vida is meant to make those moments – bitter or sweet – sink in. Here’s how to enjoy the rum of life... Larga Vida y Prosperidad!

Rum Old Fashioned

Classic never goes out of style. Serve it with a twist.

Rum Old Fashioned
2 parts Larga Vida XO Rum
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
1 splash water
1-2 tsp sugar
Cubed Ice
To garnish: Orange peel

Life is a party, once you realize it.

Life is a party, once you realize it.

Dark & Stormy
2 parts Larga Vida XO Rum
4 parts Ginger beer
1 dash Lime juice
Cubed Ice
To garnish: 1 Lime wheel

Life is like a runway. People will stare, so make it worth their while.

Life is like a runway. People will stare, so make it worth their while.

Jungle Bird
2 parts Larga Vida XO Rum
1 1/2 parts Pineapple juice
1/2 part Campari
1/2 part Lime juice
1/2 part Simple syrup
Crushed ice
To garnish: 1 Pineapple wedge

One of life’s rare and precious commodities is solitude.

One of life’s rare and precious commodities is solitude.

Larga Vida neat
Larga Vida XO Rum (as many parts as you like)
Optional: one or two ice cubes

Specs & Flavor profile

Captured in its dark amber color, this sipping Rum offers an abundance of fried bananas, raisins, Sherry, cinnamon, liquorice, vanilla, brown sugar, orange peel, nuts, and spices. It has just enough of that funky flavor and a touch of smoke that lingers from within. The finish is Cognac-like and nutty. The Rum is complex, rounded and unique — a connoisseur’s choice.

Larga Vida XO 2018
Aged Rum
No. of bottles:
Barbados, Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Mauritius, Panama and Trinidad.
15 and up to 23 years
Wood types:
New Oak barrels, Toasted & Charred Oak Barrels, Ex-merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon & Sherry Casks